Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Upcoming Exhibition

There has been no recent activity (I am not a regular blogger) as I'm in the process of finishing work for my upcoming exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban, opening on 27 October. I've had a couple of problems with firing e.g. kilns under firing and work cracking which is always stressful. As those that work in ceramic should know, one always needs a plan B or maybe plan C or possibly be very good at patching, disguising or creative fixes! It's been a very busy last few months as it is also the end of the teaching year and the kilns are all on the go with student work.

It's two and a bit weeks to go and I've just about finished all the making and it's time for glazing. I find glazing is a whole other challenge particularly when it comes to deciding on finishes/colours. The wrong decision can ruin a whole piece. I hope it goes well and not too many hiccups along the way... And please kilns, cooperate!


Lauren Denney said...

These are beautiful, they look so pure and delicate. Love them.

Anri Irene said...

This is unique!!! 😘