Sunday, August 21, 2011

I love proteas

It's such a warm day in Durban today, it feels like spring is on it's way. I just have to share the stunning bunch of proteas I bought yesterday, aren't they so beautiful. I haven't seen this particular colour combination before - soft green-tinged white petals with a deep aubergine feathered edge and pale pink inside. I am smitten.


Proteas have been a recurring theme and a source of inspiration in my artwork. They are truely unique, wonderfully diverse and really hardy. Here's a few examples of my work that has been inspired by these magnificent plants.

detail from 'Growth' series of 5 small ceramic domes, 2008

protea from 'Cone Series', 2007, an installation of 32 ceramic works

detail of 'red protea' commission, 2006 - large dome - glazed ceramic