Sunday, February 27, 2011

New @ the KZNSA Gallery

The KZNSA has, this week, launched the opening of the new Park Contemporary. This new space will showcase the works of professional artists in KZN. It aims to function as an "art agency" that will serve artists, supporters of art and collectors. The launch features various artist's work including Peter Rippon, Bronwen Vaughn-Evans, Coral Spencer Domijan, Clive Sithole, John Roome, Grace Kotze and me.

 Here's some photos of the works what you can expect to see:

another beautiful work by Bronwen Vaughn-Evans

Clive Sithole's ceramic work

Detail of Coral Spencer Domijan's painting

Peter Rippon's 'Moth' oil painting

The artwork I submitted is an abbreviated version of 'Schema' which was included in my last show, 'Imprint' in November 2009. These are the works that were not sold then, there was originally 16 pieces. I think they still work well as a series of 10. These are made in porcelain fired to 1200 degree celcius and then glazed. Here's some images of my work you can see at the KZNSA Gallery.

 Carla da Cruz - Schema, 2009

Schema - detail - 5 pieces

Schema - detail - 4 pieces
Schema - detail - 2 pieces

Schema (growth)
Schema (lichen)
Schema (nodules)
Schema (segmented)
Schema (tendrils)