Monday, January 11, 2010

Imprint: New Ceramics by Carla da Cruz

Opened on 27 October, until 15 November 2009 at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa.

Photographs taken by Andrew Griffin, who specializes in photographing art works. He did a fantastic job, lighting and colours are spot on.

Wallflower series: 35 individually made, porcelain wall pieces.

Schema: 16 glazed porcelain wall pieces.


It's a new year and lots of new ideas are buzzing around my head. I'm not sure where they are going yet but I keep getting flashes of what they want to become. It's a difficult thing to describe the creative process, for me it starts with an image, a shape, a form and even perhaps a texture. Sometimes its something I see in a film or in a book or magazine and sometimes I'm inspired by other artists. Two artists that I'm very excited about at the moment is South African artist Paul Edmunds and Brazilian ceramic artist Valeria Nascimento. Their work is incredible.

But before I move into the new year I think I need to post some more images of my second solo exhibition I had at the end of last year at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa. These photos were taken by Andrew Griffin.

Also I'd like to thank Durban art writer, Peter Machen, for his review on the show. You can read it at

More Wallflowers

Genus: large glazed earthenware wall pieces